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In , she released her first solo CD, Solitaire, featuring a number of premieres, several written especially for her. Composers represented are J. Long Island poet Gladys Henderson opened. Calum Pasqua, a fiddler hailing originally from Brooklyn, NY has been playing the fiddle since the age of 6. Calum grew up playing Celtic music, mostly Scottish highland pipe tunes on fiddle and pipes. Calum has been very active in the New York City Irish session scene for the past 7 years. Calum also was a performer at the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention which is an exhibition of the diverse fiddle styles of the world, mostly the North Atlantic region, from Denmark to Shetland to Prince Edward Island and everything in between.

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He has spent the last few summers absorbing the old tunes of the Donegal region while spending time with the great fiddling family, the charming and talented Campbell brothers, now in their latter 70s. Calum is also an educator and Orchestral Director at Hewlett Woodmere Schools where he conducts Chamber, String Ensemble and leads a class in music theory. An award-winning poet, she was awarded first place in eight competitions on Long Island from to In she was announced a finalist for the Paumanok Poetry Award.

Watch this playlist on YouTube Thanks to those who joined us for this very special event! Jean L. As the journal goes live on-line, Jean L. Final Judge : George Held is a widely published fiction writer, satirist, translator, book reviewer, and a poet who has received seven Pushcart Prize nominations. She currently teaches Composition at Mannes College of Music. Kirsten completed her M. She received her B. Dedicated to education, community, and public service through the arts, Kirsten has worked as an administrator and teacher for a variety of arts non-profits. She was deeply involved in community outreach and public school programs as an employee of Turtle Bay Music School and as an intern at the Eastman Community Music School.

Hailed for his interpretations of 20th Century music, his recording of Violin Phase on the ECM label has become an American classic of avant-garde music. For the past 15 years, Mr. He was the original violinist in the Steve Reich Ensemble and has performed recitals and chamber music throughout the U. He has premiered over 60 new compositions, of which 30 were written expressly for him. This event was funded in part by Poets and Writers, Inc. Tresper Clark High School there. He studied music as both an undergraduate and a graduate student at Cornell University, and taught music history and theory at Cornell and Dartmouth College.

His graduate work at Cornell involved a computerized analysis of music, and this eventually led to a change of field from music to information technology. Daniel obtained a position at IBM, and has pursued a career in a variety of positions including technician, salesperson, and manager. Altazor Revised edition of a Latin American classic in a tour-de-force translation.

Huidobro, Vicente. Eliot Weinberger, trans. Ignatow, David. I Have a Name I have a Name is a vital engagement with life and an unflinching stare at death, concluding that love transcendent is a reality,.

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Against the Meanwhile 3 Elegies Three elegies exploring the nature of remembered time and space. The Black Riviera Bold narrative poems that recreate the past. Outlandish Blues Root-wise, soulful poems reinvent the domestic and spiritual spheres.

The Glory Gets A deft, lyrical meditation on blues, womanhood, and beyond. Poasis Selected Poems Poasis, Joris's first major publication in the United States, highlights his work since the mids. Kicknosway, Faye. Pleasure Dome gathers over twenty-five years of work, including early uncollected poems and a rich selection of new poems. Komunyakaa, Yusef. Komunyakaa, Yusef and Chad Garcia. Dien Cai Dau Poetry that precisely conjures images of the war in Vietnam by an award-winning author.

Magic City An award-winning poet evokes his childhood in Louisiana. Toward the Open Field Poets on the Art of Poetry The historical writings that helped shape our current understandings of poetry.

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Kwasny, Melissa, ed. Lew, Walter K. Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary Watchword Intimate, intense poems forge a language for life when life is at stake. Azure Poems and Selections from the "Livre" A vibrant new translation of a modernist poet. Eyeshot Scintillating new work from a celebrated contemporary poet.

McHugh, Heather. The Father of the Predicaments Whether sorrowful or sassy, the poems in this new collection bear McHugh's signature: a lively love for the very language she bewares. Shades An exquisite series of poems that explore living and dying. The Book of Landings Exile, or auditions for utopia, in a time before this. McMorris, Mark. A Visit to Civilization A meditation on brokenness and wholeness, history and forgetting. McPherson, Sandra. Edge Effect Trails and Portrayals Constructed in two parts, this collection embraces secretly related worlds: the poetics of natural history and artistic discoveries of self-taught folk artists.

Representing 28 years of work, these poems descripe the voyage on which mother and daughter embarked. Interspersed are poems by Phoebe. The Little Edges Poems that play in the sonic texture of discourses. Fall A single word holds a narrative of the human condition. Songs and Stories of the Ghouls An epic poem of genocide, designed to create power for the dead.

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Public Figures An investigation of the gap between sight and site. Ten to One Selected Poems The first selected poems from one of the most inventive poets writing today. A haunting lifeline between archive and memory, law and poetry. Philip, M. NourbeSe, as told to the author by Setaey Adamu Boateng. Plutzik, Hyam with David Scott Kastan, afterword. Lunch A direct and moving account of a young man's life in a time of plague.

Breath Poems and Letters Rediscovery of a stunning achievement in modern Italian poetry. Pozzi, Antonia; Venuti, Lawrence, ed.

Divine Honors (Wesleyan Poetry Series)

Trans The first poetic exploration of transgender issues by the mother of a transgendered child. Divine Honors A transcendent account of the effects of breast cancer. Retallack, Joan. Arcady A musical desert elegy on life born from loss. Revell, Donald.

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New Dark Ages Evocative poems about the most simple and complicated ideas. Beautiful Shirt The world that Revell ponders in these poems is replete with contrarieties, as he searches for the true nature of the self through language unfettered by narrative constraints and conventional conceptual identities. Rilke, Rainer Maria.

David Young, trans. Provoked in Venice The Rider Quintet, vol. The Couple The Rider Quintet, vol.