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But please do read up on the culture and learn some basic Japanese phrases before you go! I started travel blogging at the suggestion of my friends and family. I was an English major and always loved to write, so when we moved to London, it was a great chance to pursue this type of work. The blogging community is so supportive, and it feels great when I can give back as I gain new insights. But blogging is not without its challenges. Between algorithm changes and social media shifts, a lot of what used to work even a year ago is no longer valid.

It sometimes feels like an uphill battle to grow traffic and get my content in front of the people I know could use it. For me, the most rewarding part of blogging is helping others achieve their travel dreams. My goal is to ease the burden of planning and offer budget-friendly tips so that everyone can live out their life of adventure. We have some exciting travel plans coming up in , starting with a weekend in Amsterdam.

If you could inspire someone to start traveling, which place would you recommend to him or her as a good starting destination and why? When it comes to travel, I think people overlook the amazing places in their own cities, states, and countries.

Chelsea Rendezvous

It will give you a taste for adventure and help you figure out your travel style and preferences. Personally, my first international trip was Japan, and I loved it because of how radically different everything was from the US. Do you have any other stories, info, advice, etc.

How was that for some Weekend Travel Inspiration? Chelsea gave us some great advice, and I can certainly second anything and everything she said about Japan! It is a great country to travel. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. On Dec. The Gemini 6A spacecraft glitters and glows against the darkness of space.

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The two spacecraft will complete the first rendezvous mission in NASA's history. Gemini 6 contains astronauts Walter M.

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Schirra, Jr. Gemini 7 holds astronauts Frank Borman and Jim Lovell. Using a 70mm Hasselblad camera and Eastman Kodak, Ektachrome MS color film, the Gemini 7 crew captured this image of wave-like clouds over the Andes Mountains with an orange glow from the western setting sun. Feb 24th , PM 8, Views 6 Comments.

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