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These touches are deliberate policy. These days, you may not have anyone watching by then. Mercurio is unusual in British TV in operating as a writer-producer-director: a breed, more common in the US, known as showrunners. The situation, as Mercurio prefers, brings moral complexity.

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After The Bodyguard, he will write the fifth series of Line of Duty. From the same factual forensic evidence, different characters construct wildly different accounts. Perhaps he needs to stop having so many meals with the Prince of Wales. So I have a lot of experience of how people are prepared to ignore objective reality, and use it for their own agenda. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Television.

Bodies: excellent medical drama not for the faint-hearted

Jed Mercurio Line of Duty Drama features. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. The second series sees AC12 investigating Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton, who leads a botched extraction of a protected witness which results in the witness and three officers but not her getting brutally killed en route to the station. During a raid as part of Operation Damson, directed at preventing gangland executions, the main suspect ends up dead with three bullets in his skull after Waldron runs ahead of his team to apprehend him.

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When cracks start appearing in the teams recollection of events, AC12 becomes determined to dig deeper, and later uncovers a conspiracy tied to previous cases. The fourth series will focus on DCI Roz Huntley, who is reported to AC12 by a forensic technician after closing a career defining case. She is suspected of tampering with evidence to secure a potentially wrongful conviction against a mentally disabled man on the sex offenders register. The fifth series currently follows up on the aftermath of the previous series with AC12 investigating the possibility that corrupt cops are involved in shootings and hijacking of various police transports handling evidence like drugs and firearms.

Line of Duty and Bodyguard creator's classic show Bodies returns to BBC iPlayer as a boxset

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. This modest man of mystery refuses to even describe himself as he would in a script. The evidence shows this year-old is of medium build and often dresses in muted colours. His greying hair is closely cropped but a bit messy on top. Gerald aka Jed Mercurio has quizzical eyebrows and a mischievous glint in his eyes. The clues are there in three brilliant novels he wrote in the Noughties. Mercurio was born to working-class Italian parents in Lancashire, the son of a miner and a machinist.

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He had always felt drawn to the Armed Services and towards the end of his medical degree he got involved with the RAF through the Institute of Aviation Medicine in Farnborough. It was incredibly exciting. He studied aviation medicine — including the medical and physical demands that flying makes on pilots — for a further three years.

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The first Gulf War happened towards the end of my time in the RAF, but none of us had completed our training. Mercurio had no thought of becoming a writer and was intent on continuing as a doctor in both the RAF and the NHS until he answered an ad in the British Medical Journal for advisers to a new drama called Cardiac Arrest in The medicine was real, more importantly it portrayed some of the cynicism that existed within the peer group of junior hospital doctors, from the pressures on them.

This is also the world of Bodies, his first novel, published in Ascent, his second, was published in and is the fictional biography of an orphaned boy who becomes a Soviet fighter ace, then cosmonaut.


I said I wanted to be an astronaut. Politics was also at the heart of Bodyguard, the high-profile BBC drama that drew nearly 11 million viewers in Some people thought it was impossible that a Home Secretary would sleep with the person protecting them. Mercurio insists not. But we can at least say that he wants to do another series and is talking to the BBC about how and when to do it.

This was the year it went stratospheric, as everyone wondered who the villainous H could be. This was taken as a reference to the Morse code for H. But at the last minute, clever DS Arnott worked out somehow that four beats meant four people. So there was no H.

The villain is still out there, as we await the next series. When will that be? Some felt let down by the recent ending, after being worked into a frenzy throughout. Could this next series be the last?